Ancient language expert Dr. Clotile Lejeune is happily living a quiet life in Seattle when her world is profoundly shaken. After she learns that her estranged father has been murdered, she must travel with her son, J. E., back to her Louisiana hometown to unlock the mysteries of a two-thousand-year-old oil jar her father has left in her care—a jar inscribed with the name Judas Iscariot. Anxious to find her father’s killer and dispel her own personal demons, she has no idea that what she is about to uncover has the potential to set the international religious community on fire.

In this biblical thriller titled Judas the Apostle, the race for answers takes a language professor on a dangerous quest across three continents in order to discover the identity of Judas Iscariot. Now, only time will tell if the language professor will find out what the past is reaching out to tell her—before it is too late.


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